Sponsor an Event or Promotional Item at CICC

Want increased visibility at CICC?

Sponsor an event or giveaway for increased brand visibility! Improve your brand recognition and recruiting efforts by putting your company name and logo in front of the many talented engineers who will be attending this conference.

Benefits of sponsorship include

  • Your company name on the CICC conference web page with a link to your website
  • Listing on CICC promotional materials for the sponsored events, and your banner or printed name at the event
  • Sponsors are announced at the Keynote Presentation and thanked on the slides at the beginning of the technical sessions


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Sponsorship Opportunities

General Conference Sponsorship ($15,000)

Take advantage of maximum visibility and exclusivity (only one General Conference Sponsorship is available). Your name and logo will be visible during the entire conference, at the beginning of each session and during breaks, and will take top billing when all Sponsors are shown. This will also make you a Platinum Level Sponsor.

Virtual Platform Sponsorship ($7,500)

The Virtual Platform is obviously one of the key elements of this year’s conference. Here is an opportunity to have your company’s name directly associated with it.

Electronic Conference Proceedings ($7,500)

Sponsor the CICC Electronic Conference Proceedings and your company name or logo will be displayed at the top of the conference proceedings browser form. Your company name will also be used as password to download the proceedings from our website.

Educational Session Sponsorship  (2 available at $5,000 each)

Sponsor the educational session speakers and get your company logo and name acknowledged in the opening comments and during the entire conference.

Panel Sessions Sponsorship ($3,000)

Sponsor the panel sessions, which are interactive and address key topics, and get your company logo and name acknowledged in the sessions opening comments.

Forum Sessions Sponsorship ($3,000)

Sponsor the forum sessions, which address areas that are attracting significant research effort, and get your company logo and name acknowledged in the opening comments.

CICC 2020 Best Paper Award ($7,500)

Sponsor the Award for the best conference paper from the entire student, regular and invited papers for CICC 2019. The award ceremony will be held on the last day of the conference April 28th, 2021.

Outstanding Paper Awards ($5,000 each)

Sponsor one of the Outstanding Paper Awards given for the best papers from 2020. Choices include:

 Outstanding Student Paper (3 available)
 Outstanding Regular Paper (1 available)
 Outstanding Invited Paper (1 available)

Most Popular Educational Presentation ($3,000)

Sponsor the award for the most popular educational speaker from the Educational Sessions for 2021.

SSCS Young Professionals and Women in Circuits Mentoring Session ($3,000)

No live music this year, but here is your opportunity to sponsor a virtual event specifically designed to bring together young professionals, women and students. This IEEE SSCS mentoring session will be followed by a discussion about their role in the IEEE.

Student Registration Aid Sponsorship (3 available at $3,000 each)

Sponsor registration for students to attend CICC 2021.

Video on YouTube ($5,000)

The plan is to make this year’s sessions available on YouTube.
Enhance your visibility by being acknowledged on the popular video-sharing platform.

Conference Gadgets ($7,500)

Sponsor a conference gadget of your choice. Past items include USB Drives, Power Banks, Laser Pens, Lanyard Wallets, Cordless Mice, etc. But other options abound: Pen Tools, Card Wallets, T-shirts, Coffee Mugs etc.

Your logo will be printed or engraved on the gadget and this small gift will be kept by attendees for many years to come.

Costs permitting, items will be mailed to CICC participants.

Sponsor several of the above items and become a:

  • Platinum Sponsor ($15,000 & above)
  • Gold Sponsor ($10,000 – $14,999)
  • Silver Sponsor ($5,000 – $9,999)
  • Bronze Sponsor ($2,500 – $4,999)

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor, please contact the CICC 2021 Sponsorship Chair, Eric Soenen, at or, or Co-Chair, John Pigott, at  or the Conference Manager, John Teehan, CMP  at


CICC gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our 2020 Conference Sponsors.

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Bronze Level

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