Conference Session Survey

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Educational Sessions:

Educational Session 1: Power Management Fundamentals

Educational Session 2: What You Need to Know to Design Effectively in 10 nm and Beyond

Educational Session 3: 56/112G Link Foundations

Educational Session 4: Machine Learning, Quantum, and Security Hardware

Technical Program/Forum/Panels:


Session 5: Forum- New Paradigm in Miniaturized Electronics-Wearables and Neural Interfaces

Session 19: Forum-Heterogeneous integration and Chip-to-Chip Communication

Session 24: Forum-Alternative Computing Models using Analog/MS Computational Substrates


Session 11: Panel-Can Intelligent Automation Improve Custom/Analog Design

Session 16: Panel-Choices (and Consequences) for Neural Network HW and Systems

Session 20: Panel-Research Direction Mismatches Between Industry and Academia

Technical Program: 

Session 2 – A Multi-Port Dual Polarized Antenna Coupled mm-Wave CMOS Receiver with Element-level Pattern and Notch Programmability and Passive Interferer Rejection Capability 

Session 3 – Oscillators and PLLs

Session 4 – Advanced Accelerators and Digital Design Techniques

Session 6 – RF Transmitter and Building Blocks

Session 7 –Sensors and Interface Circuits

Session 8 – Wireline Clocking Techniques

Session 9 – DC DC Converters and Digital LDO’s

Session 10 – Advanced Frequency Generator

Session 12 –  Advanced RF Techniques

Session 13 – High Speed ADCs

Session 15 – Security, Memory, and Computing

Session 17 – Modeling, Reliability, and Safety

Session 18 – Innovative Wireline Techniques

Session 21 – Data Converter Techniques

Session 22 – Sensors and Integrations

Session 23 – Emerging Power Management Techniques and Energy Harvesting

Session 26 – RF/mmW VCOs and Mixers

Session 27 – A Metal-Via Resistance Based Physically Unclonable Function with 1.18% Native Instability