This year CICC will have 2 Keynote speakers, Dr. Stephen Trimberger, DARPA Program Manager and Pete Warden, Tech Lead, Mobile and Embedded TensorFlow.



The DARPA Electronics Resurgence Initiative, Dr. Stephen Trimberger, DARPA Program Manager

The microelectronics community is facing an array of long-foreseen obstacles to the transistor scaling that has allowed for 50 years of rapid progress in electronics. Current economic, geopolitical, and physics-based complications make the future of the electronics industry uniquely interesting at this moment. To jump-start innovation in the field, DARPA announced in June 2017 that it would coalesce a broad series of programs into the Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI). ERI calls for innovative new approaches to microsystems materials, designs, and architectures. Underscoring the importance of the initiative, the President’s budget for FY19 includes continued annual investments of $300 million over five years for ERI’s research efforts–potentially upwards of $1.5 billion over the initiative’s lifetime. The first round of programs is underway at a number of corporate and university research institutions.  This presentation describes the background, rationale and major focus areas of ERI, with discussion of activities in the first round of programs.


What Machine Learning needs from Embedded Hardware, Pete Warden, Tech Lead, Mobile and Embedded TensorFlow

This talk will cover the unique demands that deep learning makes on microcontroller hardware. Machine learning workloads are very different from traditional computation, including very heavy arithmetic intensity with low memory usage, relaxed requirements on precision, lack of branching, and knowledge of memory access patterns for many millions of cycles ahead of time.