2018 CICC Forums

The forums are special sessions of invited papers.

Session 3 – Forum-Self Driving Car Technology and Associated Computational Power Requirements

Monday, April 9, 10:00 am, Great Room 4 Room

Forum Chairs: Charles Augustine, Intel, and A. Raychowdhury, Georgia Institute of Technology


10:00 am Introduction



10:05 am

Self-Driving Car Technology and Associated Computational Power Requirements, Manoj Kaul, Texas Instruments



10:35 am

Computation Challenges for Artificial Intelligence Closer to the User, Omesh Tickoo, Intel Corporation



11:05 am

Self-driving Cars and Lidar, Simon Verghese, Waymo



11:35 am

Human Centered Autonomous Driving, Mohan Trivedi, UC San Diego


Session 10 – Forum- The Next Waves of Machine and Deep Learning Hardware

Monday, April 9, 3:30 pm, Great Room 5-8

Forum Chairs: Jae-sun Seo, ASU, and Mingoo Seok, Columbia University


3:30 pm Introduction



3:35 pm

Design Considerations for Deep Learning Hardware Acceleration, Leland Chang,  IBM



4:05 pm

Understanding the Limitations of Existing Energy-Efficient Design Approaches for Deep Neural Networks, Vivienne Sze, MIT:



4:35 pm

Training Deep Neural Networks on a Reconfigurable Non-Von Neumann Computer Architecture, Chris Nicol, Wave Computing



5:05 pm

Narrowing the Computational Efficiency Gap Between Artificial and Natural Intelligence, Anand Raghunathan, Purdue



5:35 pm

Mixed-Signal Nanoelectronic Neurocomputing, Dmitri Strukov, UCSB



Session 12 – Forum-The Vanishing Boundary between Digital and Analog

Tuesday, April 10, 8:30 am, Great Room 4

Forum Chairs:  Shreyas Sen Purdue University, and A. Raychowdhury Georgia Institute of Technology


8:30 am Introduction



8:35 am

Digital Circuits with Analog Behavior, Keith Bowman, Qualcomm



9:05 am

Digital-Friendly Transceivers, Elad Alon, University of California, Berkeley



9:35 am

VLSA (Very Large-Scale Analog): Cell-Based, Synthesized ADPLLs, David Wentzloff, University of Michigan



10:05 am

Digital Friendly LDOs: Opportunities and Control, Harish Krishnamurthy, Intel Labs


10:35 am BREAK


Session 22 – Forum-Device and Integration at Advanced Technology Nodes

Wednesday, April 11, 8:30 am, Great Room 5

Forum Chairs: Asif Khan Georgia Tech, and Harish Krishnamurthy Intel


8:30 am Introduction



8:35 am

Energy efficient computing and sensing with Tunnel FETs, Adrian Ionescu, EPFL




9:05 am

Forget about SoCs lets talk SoWs – Systems-on-Wafers, Subramanian, S. Iyer, UCLA



9:35 am

Multi-Die Heterogeneous Integration using Interconnect Stitching for the Next Era of Moore’s Law, Muhannad Bakir, Georgia Tech



10:05 am

Moore’s Law to Application driven Technology Development, Titash Rakshit, Samsung