2019 CICC Forums

The forums are special sessions of invited papers.

Monday, April 15

 Session 5 – Forum-New Paradigm in Miniaturized Electronics-Wearables and Neural Interfaces

Monday, April 15, 10:00 am, Room 410

Session Chair: Hansraj Singh Bhamra, Broadcom Inc.

Session Co-Chair: Jerald Yoo, National University of Singapore

Unawearables: Addressing Sensor, Circuit, and Energy Harvesting Challenges in Next-Generation Wearable Devices, Patrick Mercier, UCSD

Circuits for ultrasonic neural interfacing at the micron scale, Rikky Muller, UCB

Electro-Quasistatic Human Body Communication: From Physics to Broadband IC and Applications, Shreyas Sen, Purdue

Go with your Gut: Ingestible Wireless Sensors for Monitoring the GI Tract, Amin Arabian, Stanford


Tuesday, April 16

 Session 19 – Forum-Heterogeneous Integration and Chip-to-Chip Communication

Tuesday, April 16, 2:00 pm, Room 408

Session Chair: Nikhil Shukla,

Session Co-Chair: Arajit Raychowdhury, Georgia Institute of Technology

System on Package: An alternative to SoC for Heterogeneous Integration, Madhavan Swaminathan, Georgia Tech

Advanced Packaging Architectures for Heterogeneous Integration, Ravi Mahajan,(Intel

Chip Level Integration options using silicon Technologies for mmWave 5G Radio, Anirban Bandyopadhyay, Global Foundries

Product planning, architecture, design and manufacture of a 3D-IC, Xin Wu, Xilinx


Wednesday, April 17

Session 24 – Forum-Alternative Computing Models using Analog/MS Computational Substrates

Wednesday, April 17, 8:30 am, Room 410

Session Chair: Siddharth Joshi,

Session Co-Chair: Shreyas Sen, Purdue University

Shannon-inspired Deep In-memory Computing, Naresh Shanbag, UIUC

Memory-Efficient Neuromorphic Learning and Inference, Gert Cauwenberghs, UCSD

Compute-in-Memory with SRAM Technologies, Shimeng Yu, Georgia Tech

In-Memory Computing: All-Analog to Bit-Serial, Dennis Sylvester, Umich


Session 25 – Forum-Designing Secure HW

Wednesday, April 17, 10:40 am, Room 410

Session Chair: Carlos Tokunaga, Intel Corporation

Session Co-Chair: Farhana Sheikh, Intel Circuit Research Lab

Cryptographic Circuit Primitives for Security Workloads in High-Performance Microprocessors, Sanu Mathew, Intel

Challenges in PUF design, Mudit Bhargava, ARM

Physical Security and Side-Channel Attacks, Michael Orshansky, UT Austin

State-of-the-Art and Challenges in Design-for-Anti-Counterfeit, Domenic Forte, University of Florida