Paper Submission

Paper Submission is now OPEN


The deadline for paper submission is November 6, 2017, 11:59 pm, Pacific time.

Please forward questions regarding submission to:

  • Technical content questions:  Hua Wang, Technical Program Chairman, (
  • Submission procedure questions:  Melissa Widerkehr, Conference Manager, (


Paper Format

Submitted papers are limited to 3 to 4 pages including illustrations.  You will need to submit your paper in a PDF file format.  Authors are requested to use the IEEE PDF eXpress program to distill their files to PDF in order to meet IEEE eXpress requirements.  You are able to access that program below.

Please review the following files which give complete instructions for preparing your PDF file paper to meet IEEE requirements:

Click here for the Sample Manuscript which has instructions on how to format your paper.  Please put the paper title centered at the top of the paper.  Put the authors, their affiliations, City, State, and if not USA, the Country, centered under the title, as illustrated in the Sample Manuscript.

Click here for an MS Word template you can use to prepare your paper.

Creating your PDF eXpress Account
Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress TM site
First-time users should do the following:
1. Select the New Users – Click Here link.
2. Enter the following:

43125X for the Conference ID

your email address

a password

3. Continue to enter information as prompted. An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying
your account setup.


Paper Submission Instructions

Before you go online, prepare two files  – your paper (3-4 pages) and a 50 word abstract that will need to be downloaded to the site.

  1. Prepare your camera-ready, 3 – 4 page paper (formatting instructions are in the Author-PDF-Guide (above).
  2. Next, distill your paper to a PDF file using IEEE PDF eXpress.  Click here to distill your PDF file using IEEE eXpress.  Conference ID is 43125X.
  3. Finally, prepare a text file of your 50 word abstract. The abstract is a brief synopsis of your paper.
  4. Go online and follow these directions for completing the electronic submission page:

Click here to activate online submission.

  1. In the Title of Submission box, fill in the title of the paper using Initial Caps
  2. In the Author boxes, first list all the authors and companies in a memo field. Follow the formatting instructions on the web site
  3. In the next author information boxes include the First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Affiliation of all the authors of the paper.
  4. Fill in the Corresponding Author’s name, complete mailing address, phone, fax and email.
  5. In the File box, download the PDF file of your paper
  6. In Submission type, choose the type of paper you are submitting, Lecture Presentation, Student Lecture Presentation.  If your submission is a special invited paper. choose Invited Paper.
  7. In the Subcommittee box, choose the subcommittee you are submitting the paper to for review.  Click here for a listing of the subcommittee categories and their descriptions.
  8. In the Summary box, type or paste your 50 word abstract. The abstract is a brief synopsis of your paper. Don’t put the title and authors at the top of the abstract. Accepted abstracts will be posted on the CICC website.
  9. To submit your paper for review, click the Submit Paper button.
  10. The next screen tells you if the submission was successful or if there were problems. If there was a problem, read the screen to see what the problem was. Follow the directions to solve the problem.
  11. If the submission was successful, you will receive a confirmation email (sent to the email address you put on the Submission Page) with your confirmation ID# and a password to re-enter your submission to make updates if necessary. Keep this email, the CICC does not have access to your password and we won’t be able to tell you what it is, if you forget it.
  12. Complete the copyright form and email it to CICC at or fax it to CICC at 301-527-0994. Please click here  to open the Copyright Form. AUTHORS MUST SUBMIT THE SIGNED COPYRIGHT FORM WHEN THEY SUBMIT THEIR


For Your Information

The accepted papers will be used for publicity purposes and portions of these papers may be quoted in pre-conference magazine articles.

IF THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, authors must email the conference office at by January 22, 2018.  Please indicate your submission paper number on the email.

Best Student Paper – Papers presented by students and based on their work will be considered for the Best Student Paper Award IF THE PAPER IS IDENTIFIED AS A STUDENT PAPER AT THE TIME OF SUBMISSION.  If a student submitter wants the paper considered for the Best Student Paper Award, he/she should indicated “Student” in the Submission Type on the online submission page.


The Technical Program Committee will review all submitted papers and authors will receive notification of the Committee’s decision on or about January 19, 2018.


Accepted papers will be printed in the CICC proceedings volume submitted, without the opportunity for further changes.


Submitted papers require a signed copyright form in order to be reviewed and which gives the CICC permission to print the accepted paper in the conference proceedings volume and USB.  Please click here to open the Copyright Form.  Complete the form and email it to CICC at or fax it to CICC at 301-527-0994.  Be sure to put your paper ID number on the top of the form.