2015 CICC Panels

Monday Panels

Session 5 – Panel: Impedance Mismatch between Academia and Industry

1:3opm – Monday Afternoon, September 28, Oak Ballroom


  • Ayman Shabra, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
  • Manoj Sachdev, Univ. of Waterloo


  • Elad Alon (Uni. Of California, Berkeley)
  • George Chien (MediaTek)
  • Peter Kinget (Colombia University)
  • Seyfi Bazarjani (Qualcomm)
  • Terri Fiez (Oregon State University)

This panel will explore to what extent should the training of graduate students enable their easy integration into today’s workforce. The very nature of long-term and predominately government sponsored research can create an impedance mismatch between industry and academia especially given the current stage of the lifecycle of the semiconductor industry. It will not be surprising if students learn fundamentals and skills that do not match the immediate needs of industry when they graduate. What is the extent of this mismatch and should we do something about it?

Session 13– Panel : What is 5G?

3:30pm – Monday Afternoon, September 28, Silicon Valley Ballroom

Organizer(s): Stacy Ho (MediaTek)

Moderator name and affiliation: Ramesh Harjani (University of Minnesota)


  • Chris Hull (Intel)
  • Steven Hong (Kumu Networks)
  • Payam Heydari (UC Irvine)
  • Sohrab Emami (Co-founder, SiBEAM)

The push to increase wireless data capacity up into the Gb/s realm is gaining speed and technologists around the world are racing to define what 5G will be. This panel features a few experts that will try to answer the question, “What is 5G?” Among the topics that will be discussed are mmWave, integration with WLAN, MIMO, and interference cancellation.

Tuesday Panel

Session 21 – Panel : Semiconductor Startups in the New Millennium

2:00pm – Tuesday Afternoon, September 29, Silicon Valley Ballroom


  • Rikky Muller (Cortera Neurotechnologies)
  • Alireza Shirvani (Proteus Digital Health)

Moderator: Ali Niknejad (University of California, Berkeley)


  • Shahin Farshchi (Partner/VC, Lux Capital Management)
  • Michelle Kiang (Founder/CEO, Chirp Microsystems)
  • Mike Noonen (Founder/Chairman, Silicon Catalyst; Interim CEO, Ambiq Micro)
  • Samuel Sheng (Founder/CEO, Sentons)
  • Mark Zdeblick (Founder/CTO, Proteus Digital Health)

Venture investment in semiconductor technology is near an all-time low. Yet – are there still opportunities for new companies? Definitely! Internet of Things and Healthcare technologies are just a couple of examples where semis can bring tremendous value and enable new disruptive technologies. Come hear about the opportunities and challenges from the entrepreneurs and investors themselves.