2015 CICC Forums

Monday Forum

Session 8– Forum- Silicon Photonics Opportunities and Challenges

Monday Afternoon, September 28, Silicon Valley Ballroom

Organizer: Dr. Mike Peng Li, Altera

This forum reviews the advancements in the past 1-2 years in silicon photonics and optical phase array ICs, as well as a forward looking discussion on quantum dot laser and silicon photonics. Key subjects covered includes: energy efficiency, modulation format, performance, density, testability, manufacturability, and reliability, and applications.

1:00 pm

Recent developments in Heterogeneously Integrated Photonics: Enabling the transformation of photonics from boutique to consumer-scale deployments

John Bowers (UCSB) and Alex Fang (Aurrion)

Impact of Quantum Dot Lasers on Silicon Photonics

Yasuhiko Arakawa (Tokyo University, Japan)

Monolithic Optical Phased Array Transceiver in Commercial Foundry CMOS SOI Process

Hossein Hashemi (USC)

Silicon Photonics in Mainstream Applications

Brian Welch (Luxtera)

Silicon Photonics Transformation from Technology of interest to Products

Bipin Dama (Cisco)

Tuesday Forum

Session 17 – Forum- Wireless Power for Biomedical Applications

Tuesday Morning, September 29, Silicon Valley Ballroom

Organizer: Ed Lee (Alfred Mann Foundation)

Wireless power delivery is widely used for powering implantable biomedical devices. In this forum, different fundamental issues in delivering power to the implants in the human body wirelessly will be addressed. State-of-the-art techniques for simultaneously delivering power to the implants and data communication with the implants will also be discussed.

9:00 am

Coil-Based Systems for Neuroimplants: from Wireless Power and Data Transfer to Direct Neurostimulation

Gianluca Lazzi (University of Utah)

Wireless Power Delivery for Implantable Medical Devices

Wing-Hung Ki (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Near Field Simultaneous Wireless Power and Data Transmission across the Skin

Maysam Ghovanloo (Georgia Tech)

Wireless power for tiny medical devices in the body

Ada Poon (Stanford University)

Wednesday Forum

Session 26 – Forum- Advanced Power Amplifier Techniques for Mobile Devices

Wednesday Afternoon, September 30, Oak Ballroom


  • Yanjie Wang (Intel)
  • Debopriyo Chowdhury (Broadcom)

The focus of this forum is on how to exploiting impedance transformation techniques in integrated CMOS Power Amplifiers for average power efficiency boosting. Impedance modulation is a powerful technique that can help boost efficiency at lower average power levels for power amplifier and can even be extended to wideband signals. We are going to explore suitable and efficient methods of achieving impedance transformation in CMOS integrated power amplifiers – which can enhance average efficiency, thereby improving overall battery life in portable applications.

1:30 pm

A Dual Mode Transformer-Coupled CMOS Class AB Power Amplifier with Back-Off Efficiency Enhancement

Debopriyo Chowdhury (Broadcom Corporation)

Leveraging RF Power DACs to Enhance the Doherty Power Amplifier and Broadband Power Amplifier

Hua Wang (Georgia Tech)

mm-Wave Digital Power Amplifier with Dynamic Load Modulation

Eric Kerherve (University of Bordeaux)

Power Efficient PA matching design on Advanced CMOS Technology

Hongtao Xu (Fudan University, Shanghai, China)

Switched Capacitor RFDACs For Power Efficient Multimode Transmitter

Michael Fulde (Intel)