Abstract Submission

Please read everything on this screen before submitting your paper.

Papers must be 4 pages in length, follow the paper preparationguidelines, be print-ready and submitted electronically in PDF format using the CICC website, and include a complete copyright form. Appropriate company and government clearances MUST be obtained prior to submission. Papers must report an original unpublished work and concisely explain how the state-of-the-art is advanced, including results. Circuit-design papers must include measured experimental results that substantiate performance claims.

Submission of technical papers is closed. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by email. Awards include Best Paper and Best Student Paper. Top-rated papers are also eligible for publication in a special issue of the IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits and the IEEE Transactions on Circuits Systems.

For more information please please explore the links under Call for Papers or contact the organization committee:

General Chair
Ramesh Harjani, University of Minnesota

Conference Chair
Don Thelen, ON Semiconductor

Technical Program Chair
Kimo Tam, Analog Devices